Ultrasonic grinding machine

UC-85 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

release time:2016/10/17 9:22:43

I. Overview

    The machine is designed for cleaning the drawing die and is the ideal machine for manufacturing and repairing the drawing die. The machine design is reasonable, simple structure, with a clean, fast, simple operation, etc., especially for small size of the mold hole is particularly applicable.
    Second, the technical parameters
    Power supply: 220V 50HZ
    Operating frequency: 20KHZ
    Output power: ≤ 200W
    Transducer: Piezoelectric
    Cleaning liquid: tap water
    Cleaning range (drawing die bore diameter) 0.01mm-8m
Third, the working principle and equipment composition
    The machine is mainly divided into two parts: ultrasonic generator and cleaning head.
    1, ultrasonic generator
       The ultrasonic generator is housed in a small chassis with an automatic frequency tracking line and can be used to adjust the ultrasonic vibration to the optimum state via the FM knob on the panel.
    2, cleaning head
       The cleaning head is composed of a highly efficient piezoelectric transducer and a suitable horn. The transducer is mounted on a pallet that moves up and down, loosens the locking knob on the left side of the carriage, turns the hand wheel on the right side of the carriage, The carriage can move up and down, the carriage is fixed on the column as a whole.
Fourth, the installation and use instructions
    1, the cable to the ultrasonic generator and the cleaning head to link up
    2. Screw the double-headed screw into the transducer and fasten the horn to the transducer.
    3, in the cleaning tank into the water (about 3/4), and the cleaning cylinder into the cleaning head.
    4, loose the left side of the locking plate knob, adjust the height of the slider so that the end of the horn immersed in water about 5 mm, and then use the locking knob to fix the carriage.
    5, with the power cord to connect the main power. (Must be reliably grounded)
    6, open the power switch, the need to clean the mold into the cleaning head and close to the horn end.
    7, hold down the cleaning button on the head switch, cleaning a few seconds later, the general that can be cleaned.
    8, the mold out from the cleaning head, this time, the hand away from the button switch, the machine is suspended.
Fifth, the matters needing attention
    1, such as a long time without cleaning machine, please turn off the power switch.
    2, cleaning the tank should be frequent replacement of water, or affect the cleaning effect.
    3, the horn end of the damage, if there are obvious pits, please exchange the new.


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